Primal Makina double shaft paddle mixer of DPMA type has the high mixing capacity with relatively small mixer. According to the type and amount of the product, the mixing lasts for 30-60 minutes. These mixers are available with the capacities of 500- 20000 liters.

The mixing accuracy meets the very stringent requirements, while damage to products is minimized due to its design. Extra wide bombdoors and a unique sealing principle ensure a residue and dust free operation. The success of this fast-mixing principle is a result of the fluidized zone, in which the particles have a complete freedom of movement.
Therefore, the mixers are able to mix themselves homogeneously in a state of weightlessness. primal Makina paddle mixers are designed for mixing dry powders and granulates irrespective of their bulk density or shape. Liquids can be added during the mixing process.
~ Mixing accuracy of 1:100.000/C.V. < 5%
Short mixing time of approximately 30-60 seconds
» Versatile operation
* Minimum filling degree will be 25% of the nominal content
» Low bower consumption
»Relative low design

» Liquid dosing equipment
» Atex execution
» Weighing frame
** Replaceable paddles (Hardox)
» High sealing components

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Weight incl.


DPMA 5005005,51680150013001150
DPMA 7007007,51765157011801900
DPMA 11001100152130164016802000
DPMA 14001400222340179017602600
DPMA 21002100302825234019254500
DPMA 28002800373055265520405200
DPMA 35003500453350246021006500
DPMA 50005000553475283524007000
DPMA 70007000753835313025009000
DPMA 850085007540603305250010000
DPMA 10.000100009045503350250013500
DPMA 12.0001200013249203780320016000
DPMA 20.0002000016059504550385026000
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