Pellet Press

Pellet Press

Primal Makina's  pellet press is a very stable and firm machine, which provide you with excellent performance with low cost. The design and technical innovation of the Primal Makina's  pellet press causes uniform distribution of mechanical forces on the bearings of the main and middle shafts.

» very stable, vibration-free and near-sile hg pellet mill
» large die surface area and roller diameter
» large motor powers
» variable die speed
suitable as two- or three-roller pellet mill
* longer lifetime of die and rollers
» conical die fitting
» central greasing system
* longer lifetime of main shaft bearings
> integrated pneumatic quick-dump chute
» cutting knife, fixed on press frame
» integrated hoist facility
» minimal maintenance costs
» easy to clean
» simple design
»central electrical connection box

» roller head with 3 rollers
» remote roller adjustment
» quick Die Change system (die change in approx. 15 minutes)
» roller Traction Control ⅜ forced feeder
> turning device (for slowly turning the die to the left or to the right)
» heated door/ feeding chute

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(kW max.)
Number of rollersDiameter rollers
(incl. motors)
580 X 1462x752/326558014626585500
650 X 1752x90229865017535716000
700 X 1902x90231570019041796250
850 X 2102x1602/339085021056059000
900 X 2282x1602/340890022864339500
900 X 2752x2002/3408900275777110000
1000 X 3002x20024561000306942014000
1100 X 3802x200250011003801312520500
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* Pellet Press